Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin

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The Georgia Department of Agriculture has a wonderful online version of its Farmers and Consumers Market Bulletin. You’ll find everything from the latest prices of livestock to growing a small garden to cooking with fresh, locally grown meat and produce. It has been suggested to me that I use the classified ad section to buy me a mule.


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Sunday Chris and I hosted a little cast party. I bought most of the supplies, including sliced cheese for the grilled things. Four packs, in case people were hungry. I was in a hurry and didn’t really read the labels like I usually do. I saw “blah blah grams blah blah milk blah in every slice”, and into the cart in went.

It turns out that there’s a small amount of a certain milk protein in evey slice, with the remainder made up of soybeans and various other items. The result is slices of yellow stuff that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike cheese. And I still have two whole packs left over. Let this be a lesson for you.


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I made a soup last night of things from the garden. Mainly parsnips. I planted a bunch of them last year, but I’ve been eating them very slowly. They’ve been in the ground almost a full year now, and they keep getting better and better. The winter seems to have made them sweet, like a carrot naturally infused with honey. Since they’re so old, they’ve mighty large, and they’ve got a woody core running down them. I had to cut that out before slicing them into the pot. Along with the parsnips were some winter onions and chopped collard greens, all from the garden. Supplemented with mushrooms from the fridge and old peas and corn from the freezer, wetted with milk and cream, the soup was very tasty. It was a large pot, so there’s plenty of leftovers.

The first jonquil has bloomed in the yard. The grass is greening up, and it’s at that stage where there’s as many shades of green as you can imagine. All the plants are vying for control of the dirt. There’s the wildflowers, the grasses (many varieties), the weeds, and the mosses. Each has its own patch, and the patches together make the yard a carpet of greens, blues, and blueish-greens. It’ll be soon time to fire up the sourdough pancake powered lawnmower — it keeps the grass short enough to allow the flowers to poke through.

The peas went in as planned. I ran out of peas before I ran out of dirt, so I’ll need to get more. If all goes well, there will be many, many peas in a couple of months. Want some?

On a completely unrelated note, this weblog was declared to be the 500th site to be powered with Greysoft. I’ve only just begun to explore its potential, but I’m very, very impressed. Noah Grey has done a magnificent job with it.


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I realized recently that I haven’t been drinking near enough water. At work, when I was thirsty, I’d head for the coffee pot. My body’s been craving water, but I didn’t listen to it. Well, I finally got a water bottle at work that I’ll empty twice a day. It’s a 1.5L bottle, and I just finished the second fill. My nose is running, so I guess I’ve had enough.