Remembering Storms

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A year ago, I was woken from a rather pleasant dream by a storm that shook my (then) new house. It was one of the first nights I’d slept there, and the ferocity of the storm and the unfamiliarity of my surroundings had me a little frightened. The storms came with tornados, and while none struck close to me, they did kill 20 Georgians. Georgia remembers.

It’s here…

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Tonight, I plant peas. And write down construction plans for the chicken coop (and the brooder that will be inside for a few weeks). And probably buy seeds. I’m coming out of my winter doldrums, I think. Or maybe now that the play’s over, my creativity is ready to be expressed in other ways, through growing and writing. It’s been very easy lately to look at what I’ve done and think I’ve been slacking. The weblog has been mighty quiet. I’ve not done much outdoors. I feel like I just haven’t made anything lately. I think the play had me fooled. It was easy to overlook, somehow, but really all my creative energies were focused solely on that project.

Now that that’s gone, I can get back to other things. For one, I hope to turn this space back into the fun place to visit it used to be.