A New Beginning

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Welcome to my new online home! I’m no longer renting, either. For the first time since I went on the ‘net, back in 1989, I’m an owner. (Of course, domains weren’t around then, but when the arrived, I never bothered to get my own until now. Amazingly, my name was still available.)

Things are mighty different around here, though hopefully you won’t notice right away. First and foremost, I’ve stopped using Blogger to maintain my weblogs. I still like Blogger, but the company’s recent collapse made me realize I had to be in control of my own content, no matter how easy Blogger had made things. It turns out that there was the perfect solution: Greymatter. CGI scripts on my own server give me Blogger-like ease, greater flexibility, and complete ownership of my creation. Nothing against Blogger (I’ll still use it for other projects), but it was time for me to move on.

Because of the move, you may run across some dead links. Not those pointing off-site — those die all the time — but internal links. If you find any, please let me know.

There are many links pointing back to me, and many of those point to specific entries. I’m keeping everything at the old addresses for the foreseeable future, so those will still work. I’ve moved all of the archives over here and integrated them in as best I could (Here’s the last Blogger-powered front page.). I’ll try to make the old merge with the new painlessly for you.

As always, I do appreciate your coming to visit me, whether I know you or not. Please do come again.