Sometimes you need to know

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Sometimes you need to know the latin for a piece of dinnerware, and at times like that, the Roman Dinnerware Word List is invaluable. But why stop with dinnerware?

Today marks a year that

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Today marks a year that I’ve lived in my country home. (Well, my landlord’s county home, anyway.) I knew going into this that my life would change living there, but I never could have guessed just how much better things would be. My play ends this weekend, and then I’ll put in this year’s garden. It’ll be twice the size of last year’s, which is pretty crazy (according to some people). The chickens will come soon. I’ve asked the owners if I can get a dairy cow (or maybe a couple of goats), but chances are slim of them allowing that. And, of course, I have overalls. And then, there’s Chris.

Spring is in the air,

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Spring is in the air, and tax refunds are in the mailbox. So far, I’ve cleaned out my Amazon shopping cart, ordered a mess of cheesemaking supplies, and got five gallons of wine bubbling. A few outstanding debts will be paid, a garden will be planted, and there should be enough left over for something nice.

A new species of camel

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A new species of camel has been discovered in the deserts north of Tibet. I suppose this will give more ammunition to the Yeti-searchers. (”If a large camel could go undiscovered for so long, it’s not far-fetched that an intelligent hominid could go uncaptured for so long in roughly the same area, now isn’t it?“)

Chickens - The Play. I’ve

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Chickens - The Play. I’ve only read the first few pages, and it’s odd. Very odd.