To many it’s just another

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To many it’s just another dot-com going under, five or six layoffs lost among the thousands more going on around them. It’s dear to me, though. Pyra Labs, creaters of the Blogger software I use to maintain this weblog, is down to a company of one. Out of money and unable to continue as it had, co-founder and CEO Evan Williams is the only one left.

Blogger is just one of the several tools available to easily create and maintain a website such as this one, but it was my tool of choice. They’ve got about about 100,000 weblogs using their software — this one was number fourteen. Pyra created exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. There’s been some rough going as they tried to keep pace with demand, and it was clear from the beginning that eventually they’d run out of money, but they had what I thought to be the best thing going.

It wasn’t just the software that made the company dear to me. It was the human face they presented to the world. They started their company shortly after the company I work for did. We were about the same size. I could relate. But they were in San Francisco, sure to go far, sure to join the ranks of the dot com millionaires. I was in backwards Athens, Georgia, creating software for rural electric utilities. They were riding high, we were struggling to keep the doors open. I could live, through their eyes, a life that a few small changes, a few different decisions, could have given me. I connected with them in a way I’ve never connected with another company before. I wasn’t just a customer.

But of course, the times have changed. The bubble they were in has burst. Here in Athens, we’ve turned around, too. Turning a profit, even, with a solid future in sight. I’m still living multiple lives, though. My own, of course, and the one they let me live with their words. Thanks, in large part to their efforts, I’m living many, many more lives through the words of thirty or so more people, chosen from the hundreds of thousands of people now writing online journals and weblogs. It would have been much harder for me to find these people without the efforts of Pyra and the other people doing similar work.

I don’t need Blogger. I could do all of this on my own. But I like Blogger. I’m sad to see things end up this way. I wish them all the best of luck. And thank you for everything you’ve made possible.

The independant university newspaper has

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The independant university newspaper has a write-up on my play opening tonight. The Red & Black is rather embarassing for a newspaper, but at least they got all the facts right.