The kitty went as close

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The kitty went as close to the brink as a kitty can and came back to tell us about it. “Rawr” and “Purr” seem to sum things up. When we took him to the emergency room Tuesday night (Wednesday morning?), he’d come out of his siezures. Blood work was done, and his red blood count was half what it should be. They stabilized him, and by the time he saw his regular vet the next morning, the blood count was down to a third of normal. After more searching, it was discovered he had the best of the possib;e diagoses: blood parasites. Little things that swim around in the blood stream, chomping on the tasty red blood cells. Icky, but curable. He’s now on many medicines and we’re watching for signs of things to come: blood damage like this lead to organ damage. How much damage and which organs remain to be seen. But for now, he’s chatty and eating fish.