Looking at the “This Week

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Looking at the “This Week at Tech” section of the Socorro, New Mexico newspaper, I see that not much has changed since I was there.

Wonderful loving kitties suddenly getting

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Wonderful loving kitties suddenly getting seizures is a very sad thing.

“Ha ha,” I’ve said. “The

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“Ha ha,” I’ve said. “The ol’ snake in a can gag. You know, I’ve seen this a thousand times,” I’ve said. So why is it that when I really, truly need the ol’ snake in a nut can, I can’t find one. I’ve been all over Athens, looking in the stores that should have these things, sheepishly telling the clerks “I’m looking for the snake in the nut can thin. Got one?” Nothing. Luckily, there’s the internet. I can’t believe FedEx is delivering me a snake in a nut can. The things I do for theater…

I just found Jodi at

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I just found Jodi at i will dare. Wish I’d found her earlier. I spent two days reading all of her archives. Well, I did do a lot more during those two days then that, but I was at work, after all. She’s on my favorites list now, so I’ll keep current with all things Jodi.

If it’s photographs of rooms

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If it’s photographs of rooms insode homes in the riuns of the Roman city of Herculaneum you’re after, here you go.