The Tech Museum of Innovation

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The Tech Museum of Innovation publishes the monthly Tech Ten, ten websites that deliver high technology to teachers, students, and families. They’re on a year-long hiatus right now, looking for a new editor (I nominate Mike Gunderloy) but December 1999’s list still looks worth browsing.

For months I’ve been asking

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For months I’ve been asking people if there existed something to turn ordinary speakers into wireless speakers. Because I’ve got plenty of speakers, but I didn’t want to run wires all over my farmhouse. There’s just no good way to hide all the wires like I’ve done in other houses. People all said they thought there was, but no one could actually show me one. Not at the stores, not on the web. Even the Radio Shack wasn’t any help. So imagine my glee when X10 announced they had a new “turn regular speakers into wireless speakers” kit. A bit pricey, but I had enough X10 gift certificates saved up (thanks to their crazy frequent customer rewards program) that it was cheap enough to order two.