Meanwhile, in New Mexico, 17

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Meanwhile, in New Mexico, 17 are hurt in a massive propane explosion.

I’m OK. The house hasn’t

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I’m OK. The house hasn’t blown up. A gas company person finally came by. He tested the tank for leaks and found nothing. When asked about the hissing, he said that that was just the sound of gas going through the pipes. When asked about the smell, he said he couldn’t smell anything, but admitted that his nose (well past the age of retirement) was desensitized to the smell of propane. The smell’s not as strong as it once once, and the pressure guage is now holding steady. Perhaps the tank had some of that sealant goop in it like the stuff you put in bicycle tires, and the leak sealed itself. I’ll focus my worries on something else now, I suppose.

A loved the Happy Hollisters

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A loved the Happy Hollisters when I was in early grade school. I think I read every one of the books while in second grade. I was such a nerd even then that I would hide from my teacher (behind a bookshelf, no less) while she rounded the class up for recess. They went out to play, I came out of hiding to read in the library. When I think about it now, she *had* to have known I was hiding from her, but she let me get away with it anyway.