It’s been a busy few

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It’s been a busy few days. Too busy for link sharing. Not that I could have anyway, as the net connection at work was out for the last day and a half. Someone in the building futzed with the phone line box (the one with the gazillion colored wires in it), trying to swap phones in their office, and blew out our DSL. It’s back now, after a lot of diagnosing. On the home front, my house is now heated again, after having no heat at all for almost a week. The propane in the big yard propane tank ran dry, and the gas company, true to form, messed up royally on delivery. Now that the tank is full, it’s clear that the tank is, in fact, leaking. By my estimate, about 50 gallons has hissed into the air since the gas man came yesterday (that’d be about $200 worth). There’s a part on top the tank that’s hissing, and the air around the tank smells like propane. You’d think that’s be a big deal, pretty important, especially if you read the warning on the tank that says to evacuate the property and call the authorities if you hear or smell gas. I didn’t evacuate, but I did call the gas company’s emergency number. The operator took my number and said the emergency people would be calling me right back. An hour later, after no word, I called again. The emergency person hadn’t returned the original page, I was told, and that I’d hear from them soon. I went to bed, and now, 16 hours later, there’s still been no call. I guess it’s not a big deal to the gas company. This morning I caled the Georgia Public Utility Commission to complain about the gas company, but found out that LP Gas companies aren’t regulated in Georgia (natural gas companies are). They transferred me to the state Fire Marshall. The woman there got real excited when I mentioned that the gas tank next to my house was hissing and smelled like gas. She took my name and number and said that a fire marshall would call me right back with instructions. That was five hours ago. I guess it’s not a big deal to the fire marshall. So, maybe it’s not a big deal. But if you come to visit me, don’t light up, okay?

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