I’ve mentioned Free Will Astrology

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I’ve mentioned Free Will Astrology here before. Whether you’re a believer or not, these horoscopes are just fun to read. This week’s horoscopes suggest gifts appropriate for each sign. Mine is eerily accurate: Rodin’s “The Thinker” seated on a tractor.

The goverment has posted the

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The goverment has posted the full text of the new organic food rules it announced yesterday.

Fans of The Critic, that

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Fans of The Critic, that wonderful cartoon that was briefly on ABC and FOX, now in late night reruns on Comedy Central, will rejoice to learn that Jay Sherman is back in all new episodes on-line at shockwave.com.

High on Gas and Out

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High on Gas and Out of Hope is a disturbing but important news story on gas-sniffing native kids in northeast Canada. When you read this, don’t think that this problem is confined to the arctic or the third world — while it’s gasoline in Labrador, in northwest New Mexico it’s hairspray. Cans of hairspray in stores around Gallup, New Mexio are locked behind the counters with cigarettes to combat this same problem.

Urban sprawl is the scourge

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Urban sprawl is the scourge of modern cities. It seems the ancient Maya had the same problems, complete with strip malls.

A while ago, I called

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A while ago, I called my parents to say hi, I love ‘em, and that other stuff. They weren’t there, but I got their answering machine: “Hi. We can’t come to the phone right now because we’re out spending our children’s inheritance. Leave a message and we’ll return your call.” A bit flustered, I left a message. I’ve just sent Guido back to Missouri to take care of things because, hey, I’m entitled to the three dollars I’ve got coming to me.

In his most recent journal

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In his most recent journal entry, Mike Gunderloy of the most excellent LarkFarm wrote: “After dinner, we sat around the fire and read seed catalogs for a while. I’m resolved not to go overboard with vegetables this spring (especially since I have some other big projects planned), but it’s hard to keep that resolve when looking at yummy vegetable pictures in the depths of winter.” Similarly, last night I sat in the glow of my tivo and newly roboticchristmas lights and read seed catalogs. I’m resolved to go overboard vith vegetable this spring (despite some other big projects planned). Some people may accuse me of going overboard this last spring, but I was really only experimenting. Now it’s time to really go overboard.