Holiday greeting cards from Modern

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  Holiday greeting cards from Modern Humorist.

I’m mighty glad I’m not

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I’m mighty glad I’m not the only one doing this. I’ve tried to rewind many real-world scenes recently. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that.

Exactly a year ago, I

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Exactly a year ago, I started following The Hacker’s Diet, as I decided I was far, far too heavy. I stuck to it very closely for a few months until I got the hang of things, and now, I’m 50 pounds lighter. I’ve still got twenty to go to reach my goal. I’ve held steady the last few months, but perhaps it’s time to make that final push. The Hacker’s Diet isn’t like those fad diets that push specific foods. It’s central point is “Eat fewer calories than you use, and you’ll lose weight.” To help me mentally, I started the diet by having bacon & fried egg sandwiches (with mayo) for breakfast for the first two weeks, and lost five pounds. Once my mind accepted that it wasn’t what I ate that mattered, but the energy input vs. energy consumption ratio, it was smooth sailing.

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make

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Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen

Last week, a baseball player

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Last week, a baseball player I’d never heard of (I understand he plays in the American league, which uses a freakish set of rules for the game) made news by signing a contract that will pay him a quarter-billion dollars (or, one “A-Rod”) over ten years. Jenn, of Whim & Vinegar, has composed a socialy conscious list of what one A-Rod could fund.

The Atlanta Thrashers host the

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The Atlanta Thrashers host the St. Louis Blues tonight, and I’ll be there. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision to get tickets, so a few people’s Christmas presents might be late this year (once a month paydays mean budgets get juggled sometimes).