The American Chestnut, wiped out

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The American Chestnut, wiped out by a fungus early this century, may return within ten years. Just in time to get cut down to make room for more strip malls, I reckon.

Last night, the aged Hotpoint

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Last night, the aged Hotpoint washing machine my girlfriend moved into my house stopped working. Or, more likely, it stopped working some time ago, and we just noticed last night. The agitator wasn’t agitating, and that pretty much prevents dirty clothes from becomming clean clothes. I’m not a handy man (though I do have a knack for fixing things), but I blindly began disassambling the agitator. On the inside, I found some cracked plastic that prevented the agitator from sitting completely on the spinny knobby geary thing (I’m really not a handyman, you see. I’m sure that thing has a real name.) in the middle of the drum. Sure that that was the problem, I went to the internet to find out more. As I’ve said before, the internat can make you seem like an expert on anything, and this was no exception. Our model of washing machine has long since been discontinued, and Hotpoint isn’t even its own company anymore, but still I was able to find not just an online catalog of parts and accessories, but also a complete schematic for the machine in PDF format for downloading. I know the exact part I need, but thanks to the schematic, I was able to jerry-rig it so it should last another several months at least. Viva la internet!

I’ve got just over a

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I’ve got just over a gallon of various dried fruits soaking in the best aged Nicaraguan rum I could afford in my pantry right now. This weekend, they will become four of Alton Brown’s fruitcakes. And I can’t wait.