The editor of my favorite

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The editor of my favorite British newspaper, The Guardian, is risking deportation “for the term of his natural life” by calling for the abolishment of the monarchy. In this article, they argue that the requirement that the crown can only pass to Protestant heirs of Princess Sophia (making Catholics, those that marry Catholics, and those born out of wedlock ineligible), and the requirement that male children get the first shot to the thrown over older sisters, violate the European Human Rights Act, now law in Britain.

Do you want to follow

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Do you want to follow along behind the scenes of a play in production? I’m directing Christopher Durang’s Baby With the Bathwater, and I’ve formed an egroup mailing list for my cast and crew. You can join, if that’s the kind of thing that would interest you.

It’s Pearl Harbor Day. The

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It’s Pearl Harbor Day. The 59th anniversary of the US’s entry into World War II. Of course it’s the “day that will live in infamy,” but with what we know now, that whole speech just rings wrong. In college, we noted this day on several occasions by having a Pearl Harbor Party. The theme drinks were B-52’s and Kamikazes, and they were drunk in revered remembrance in great quantities. I vividly recall one year’s party (I don’t know how, considering how many B-52’s I had) hosted by Randy. After solemnly noting the beginning of way well into the night, I then had a drunken conversation on physics homework with Marjorie, took an incredibly drunk Charlie across campus to some friends’ house (known affectionately as TenTen, since that was the street address), to play a game of Avalon Hill’s Civilization. I explained the rules to him, and he listened. After that, he excused himself for being to drunk to play and left. Meanwhile, the residents of the house, perfectly sober when we walked in, were busy catching up so they wouldn’t have an unfair advantage over me. Very nice fellows, they were! The game lasted until just about sunrise, at which point I left to nap a bit in my dorm room. I’d left my door unlocked, and a surprise awaited me there, but I’ll keep that memory to myself.

Up With People is down

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Up With People is down on its luck.