I finished casting last night.

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I finished casting last night. There were four times as many people as parts, so I had to make some hard choices and turn away people I really like (or would really like) to work with. This ends a four week long string of busyness, so tonight I can finish cleaning the kitchen and tomorrow I can take time to return the countless emails that have piled up in my inbox. And maybe even start wrinting here again like I used to. Ahh… those were the good old days.

In the future, many languages

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In the future, many languages spoken today will be lost. One group seeks to preserve them by creating a modend day “Rosetta stone”. They are engraving common text as well as creation myths and grammar primers onto a three inch nickel disk. It won’t be digital, either. It’ll be complete engravings, readable with a simple 10,000x magnifying lens. I found this on eatonweb.