You’ll notice a couple changes

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You’ll notice a couple changes at the end of each entry of this weblog. First, I’ve consolidated each post’s permanent link with the timestamp. If for any reason you wish to link to a specific entry of mine on a web page of yours, click on the timestamp at the end of the entry to get that entry’s permanent URL. Second, thanks to a neat tool called BlogVoices, you can add your voice to mine by commenting on specific entries. Your comments will be available to future readers. To add your voice, or to read the voices of those that came before, click on the word “Add” folowing the timestamp. So long as this feature doesn’t slow down the loading of the page, I’ll keep it.

Our eyes see three primary

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Our eyes see three primary colors: red, green, and blue. All of the colors we know are blends of those three. Colorblind people are missing one or more of the receptors, severely limiting their color perception. On the other extreme, tetrachromats have four — an extraordinary mutation found only in certain women. Current research asks if these women’s brains can take advantage of this extra “dimension” of color.