Yesterday I spent my lunch

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Yesterday I spent my lunch break painting set pieces at the theater for the Town & Gown Players. The theater’s phone rang, and I had the following conversation:

Me: Town & Gown
Male Voice: Hello, Mr. Players?
Me: Excuse me?
Male Voice: Are you Mr. Players?
Me: Oh! Yes… I’m he.
Male Voice: Hello, Town, I’m Greg and I have a special offer –
Me: Town? Oh, no. That’s my lovely wife. I’m Gown Players. Thanks for calling, but the Players household isn’t in a spending mood today. G’day!

I guess telemarketers see all sorts of strange names, but really… Town & Gown Players?

Cold, dry winter nights bring

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Cold, dry winter nights bring conditions perfect for listening to far-away AM radio stations. After a late night at the theater the other day, I drove home while listening to a far-right call in talk show from Cincinnati. The female co host discussed how the current election “crisis” was foretold in the bible using the bible code. The male co host advocated, should Gore assume the presidency, and armed revolution in the streets, proclaiming the upcoming fight the “Second Battle of Athens.” Very inflammatory, you betcha. I wondered what he meant by the Battle of Athens. I went through the Greek history I’ve got stored in my head, but couldn’t think of a pivotal pro-democracy battle fought in Athens. It turns out I didn’t have to think so far back, nor so far away. In 1946, in Athens, Tennessee, a corrupt county government was overthrown by force by a group of former GIs, after fighting a bitter political struggle. Even though I taught US History myself, I’d never heard of this event. A successful armed rebellion on US soil? Only 50 years ago? I’m surprised the NRA doesn’t trumpet this battle in its Second Amendment defense.