Work is a bear right

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Work is a bear right now. Coworkers are mighty grumpy. We’ve released some major changes to our software this week, as beta, to a couple long-time customers and a new one half the continent away. I’m striving to keep a handle on things, but it’s a lot to manage. Meanwhile, I’m in a play this week as well.

The AAA (formerly known as

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The AAA (formerly known as the American Automobile Association) is the second largest member organization in the country, behind only the Catholic church. With so many members, you can guess that the club wields a lot of political power, and you’d be right. But did you know that they use that power to lobby for more pollution, more sprawl, and less safe cars? I didn’t either. I’m a lapsed member, and you can bet I won’t re-up any time soon.