The current The Onion is

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The current The Onion is top notch.

An Intemperance witicism:Maybe you read

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An Intemperance witicism:

Maybe you read an earlier entry of mine regarding my inability to navigate [Atlanta]. And I will concede that I don’t have the keenest sense of direction. But even Magellan would get lost here. Of course, he probably would have been smart and just circumnavigated it.

The Atlanta Humane Society has

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The Atlanta Humane Society has an on-line Pet of the Week, ready for adoption. Today’s sounds adorable: 10 month old male puppy, Pitt Lab mix, lovable, playful, has lived with cats and other animals. The picture, though, shows a sharp fanged killing machine, ready to rip the heart from the cameraman.

Happy Birthday to Ghost in

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Happy Birthday to Ghost in the Machine! Kevin Murphy was the first person to call me a progressive to my face. His simple comment in a short email made me realize for the first time that my political bent had wandered away from the Libertarians square into the progressive camp. And now that I’m looking around, I realize that I really like the view from here. Here’s to another superb year for one of the best weblogs out there!

South Carolina’s The State newspaper

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South Carolina’s The State newspaper is reporting that al least two S.C. electoral college delegates say they have been asked to change vote to Gore. One delegate is a Bob Jones University graduate. “I’d cut my arm off first before voting for Al Gore.