This is probably making the

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This is probably making the rounds like wildfire. But since I haven’t read up on the other weblogs in a few days, I can pretend like I’m the first… Amazon.com recognized a good thing when it saw it and redesigned its user interface based on the ease-of-use standard set by the Palm Beach county ballots.

There’s an odd case before

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There’s an odd case before the Georgia Supreme Court right now. A county near here has banned outdoor signs, except a sinle sign advertising a business’ name. The intent, of course, is to ban billboards. Interstate 95 runs through the county, and it’s near the state line. Prime billboard territory. There is a strip club up the road a bit called Risque Cafe. The owners of the club formed a new company, incorporated under the name “Risque Cafe / We Bare All Exit 10, Inc.” They then leased a warehouse along the interstate and erected a sign bearing the company name. The county cried foul, and now it’s in the supreme court.