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You’ve heard about the George Dubya Bush DUI by now. You may have heard about when he, while Governor of Texas, was called for jury duty to hear a DUI case. (A question on the form that asked if he can ever been accused of a crime was left blank. An oversight by a staffer, we were told.) He was excused by the attorneys due to a possible conflict of interest (the defentant would have had to ask for a pardon from someone who convicted her). The TV Press in Texas was all over the story back then, due to the novelty of a Governor getting called for jury duty. GW expressed joy “at having done his duty.” Before he was dismissed, a reporter asked him if he was tempted to just pardon the defendant and go home. He replied, “No, I probably want to hang him and go home.” DUI — a hangin’ offense. Why isn’t this footage getting shown outside of Austin, Texas?

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