Here’s a tribute to Steve

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Here’s a tribute to Steve Allen for his best work, but that which he was least famous for: Meeting of the Minds, a TV series that “pitted Socrates, Marie Antoinette, Sir Thomas More, Tom Paine, Karl Marx, Attila the Hun, Emily Dickinson, Galileo, Charles Darwin, and other historical figures in dialogue and disputation.” Brilliantly written, it was axed by TV executives as being “too thoughtful” for the American public. His writing here led to the publication of several books, including an epic critical analysis of the Bible and western morality, and his latest, to be published next Spring, a call to raise the standards of popular culture.

You’ve heard about the George

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You’ve heard about the George Dubya Bush DUI by now. You may have heard about when he, while Governor of Texas, was called for jury duty to hear a DUI case. (A question on the form that asked if he can ever been accused of a crime was left blank. An oversight by a staffer, we were told.) He was excused by the attorneys due to a possible conflict of interest (the defentant would have had to ask for a pardon from someone who convicted her). The TV Press in Texas was all over the story back then, due to the novelty of a Governor getting called for jury duty. GW expressed joy “at having done his duty.” Before he was dismissed, a reporter asked him if he was tempted to just pardon the defendant and go home. He replied, “No, I probably want to hang him and go home.” DUI — a hangin’ offense. Why isn’t this footage getting shown outside of Austin, Texas?

The report into the histories

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The report into the histories of 51 victims of vCJD, the human version of “mad cow disease” is out, and — surprise, surprise — the was no statistical link between vCJD and eating beef. One victim was not a beef eater. The rest ate beef with the same frequency as the population as a whole. Of course, just because there was no statistical link doesn’t mean that they didn’t get the disease from eating beef. They may have just gotten unlucky. And the non-beef eater had certainly eaten something with beef broth or beef by-products without specifically being aware of it.

Japan claimed to have the

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Japan claimed to have the oldest stoneware ever found, but that claim is now in serious doubt as the laeading researcher was caught red-handed burying pottery he later “discovered”. He has confessed to faking most of his work, which covers a surprising amount of the total paleolithic research done in Japan.