I’ve gone on here about

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I’ve gone on here about roasting my own coffee beans at home. Without exception, all the people who have tasted my freshly roasted coffee has said it’s the best coffee they’ve ever had. You can roast at home, too, without spending a couple hundred dollars on fancy roasters or other equipment. All you need is a hot air popcorn popper, and if you get really fancy, a special coffee roasting attachment. The Mountanos Home Coffee Roaster Company is giving them away over the web in an effort to promote their mail order green coffee bean business. If you’d rather not go to that much effort, you can get a spendid roast in your wok or skillet, as I found out last week when my electric roaster lost its motor.

A paleontology professor here in

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A paleontology professor here in town survived the Singapore Aitlines crash.

Heavens Above is an on-line

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Heavens Above is an on-line astronomy starchart, customized for your location. They include satellites, planets, asteroids, and the like. I’m using it to tell me when and where to look to observe the Internation Space Station. I live way out in the country with a bunch of cows. My “town” was in their database. I’m sure yours will be, then, too.