You’ll notice a couple changes

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You’ll notice a couple changes at the end of each entry of this weblog. First, I’ve consolidated each post’s permanent link with the timestamp. If for any reason you wish to link to a specific entry of mine on a web page of yours, click on the timestamp at the end of the entry to get that entry’s permanent URL. Second, thanks to a neat tool called BlogVoices, you can add your voice to mine by commenting on specific entries. Your comments will be available to future readers. To add your voice, or to read the voices of those that came before, click on the word “Add” folowing the timestamp. So long as this feature doesn’t slow down the loading of the page, I’ll keep it.

Our eyes see three primary

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Our eyes see three primary colors: red, green, and blue. All of the colors we know are blends of those three. Colorblind people are missing one or more of the receptors, severely limiting their color perception. On the other extreme, tetrachromats have four — an extraordinary mutation found only in certain women. Current research asks if these women’s brains can take advantage of this extra “dimension” of color.


Could a parasite passed to

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Could a parasite passed to humans from housecats cause schizophrenia and bipolar disorder? There’s some very convincing evidence that schizophrenia is caused by an infectious agent, and E. Fuller Torrey, one of the giants of schizophrenia research, thinks he may know the source.


Yesterday I spent my lunch

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Yesterday I spent my lunch break painting set pieces at the theater for the Town & Gown Players. The theater’s phone rang, and I had the following conversation:

Me: Town & Gown
Male Voice: Hello, Mr. Players?
Me: Excuse me?
Male Voice: Are you Mr. Players?
Me: Oh! Yes… I’m he.
Male Voice: Hello, Town, I’m Greg and I have a special offer –
Me: Town? Oh, no. That’s my lovely wife. I’m Gown Players. Thanks for calling, but the Players household isn’t in a spending mood today. G’day!

I guess telemarketers see all sorts of strange names, but really… Town & Gown Players?

Cold, dry winter nights bring

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Cold, dry winter nights bring conditions perfect for listening to far-away AM radio stations. After a late night at the theater the other day, I drove home while listening to a far-right call in talk show from Cincinnati. The female co host discussed how the current election “crisis” was foretold in the bible using the bible code. The male co host advocated, should Gore assume the presidency, and armed revolution in the streets, proclaiming the upcoming fight the “Second Battle of Athens.” Very inflammatory, you betcha. I wondered what he meant by the Battle of Athens. I went through the Greek history I’ve got stored in my head, but couldn’t think of a pivotal pro-democracy battle fought in Athens. It turns out I didn’t have to think so far back, nor so far away. In 1946, in Athens, Tennessee, a corrupt county government was overthrown by force by a group of former GIs, after fighting a bitter political struggle. Even though I taught US History myself, I’d never heard of this event. A successful armed rebellion on US soil? Only 50 years ago? I’m surprised the NRA doesn’t trumpet this battle in its Second Amendment defense.


I’ve been listening to the

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I’ve been listening to the arguments before the Florida Supreme Court. Gore’s side had the first hour, and the justices were aggressive in their questioning. The justices sounded well prepared and clearly recognized the importance of the case. Gore’s lawyers took the questioning well. Bush’s lawyers are currently wrapping up the second hour, and it sounds like they’re using a script written by Bush himself. They’ve been talking in contradictory circles, and the justices are simply skewering them. The lawyers have stuttered, stammered, hemmed and hawed. Several justices have had to demand that the lawyer answer the question, when dodging yew or no questions. It’s been amazing to listen to. I’m curious to see how the spin machines handle it, and (even though it seems clear) how the court decides.


Work is a bear right

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Work is a bear right now. Coworkers are mighty grumpy. We’ve released some major changes to our software this week, as beta, to a couple long-time customers and a new one half the continent away. I’m striving to keep a handle on things, but it’s a lot to manage. Meanwhile, I’m in a play this week as well.

The AAA (formerly known as

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The AAA (formerly known as the American Automobile Association) is the second largest member organization in the country, behind only the Catholic church. With so many members, you can guess that the club wields a lot of political power, and you’d be right. But did you know that they use that power to lobby for more pollution, more sprawl, and less safe cars? I didn’t either. I’m a lapsed member, and you can bet I won’t re-up any time soon.


The Dictatortots are in concert

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The Dictatortots are in concert at Athens’ legendary 40 Watt, and, as usual, the local press is in a tizzy.


The current The Onion is

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The current The Onion is top notch.

An Intemperance witicism:Maybe you read

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An Intemperance witicism:

Maybe you read an earlier entry of mine regarding my inability to navigate [Atlanta]. And I will concede that I don’t have the keenest sense of direction. But even Magellan would get lost here. Of course, he probably would have been smart and just circumnavigated it.

The Atlanta Humane Society has

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The Atlanta Humane Society has an on-line Pet of the Week, ready for adoption. Today’s sounds adorable: 10 month old male puppy, Pitt Lab mix, lovable, playful, has lived with cats and other animals. The picture, though, shows a sharp fanged killing machine, ready to rip the heart from the cameraman.

Happy Birthday to Ghost in

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Happy Birthday to Ghost in the Machine! Kevin Murphy was the first person to call me a progressive to my face. His simple comment in a short email made me realize for the first time that my political bent had wandered away from the Libertarians square into the progressive camp. And now that I’m looking around, I realize that I really like the view from here. Here’s to another superb year for one of the best weblogs out there!

South Carolina’s The State newspaper

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South Carolina’s The State newspaper is reporting that al least two S.C. electoral college delegates say they have been asked to change vote to Gore. One delegate is a Bob Jones University graduate. “I’d cut my arm off first before voting for Al Gore.


This is probably making the

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This is probably making the rounds like wildfire. But since I haven’t read up on the other weblogs in a few days, I can pretend like I’m the first… Amazon.com recognized a good thing when it saw it and redesigned its user interface based on the ease-of-use standard set by the Palm Beach county ballots.

There’s an odd case before

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There’s an odd case before the Georgia Supreme Court right now. A county near here has banned outdoor signs, except a sinle sign advertising a business’ name. The intent, of course, is to ban billboards. Interstate 95 runs through the county, and it’s near the state line. Prime billboard territory. There is a strip club up the road a bit called Risque Cafe. The owners of the club formed a new company, incorporated under the name “Risque Cafe / We Bare All Exit 10, Inc.” They then leased a warehouse along the interstate and erected a sign bearing the company name. The county cried foul, and now it’s in the supreme court.


While I’ve been busy putting

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While I’ve been busy putting in some serious time at work this week, Kevin at Ghost in the Machine has been writing what I would have. There’re many words there, but they’re all worth reading.

I’ve had my own toll

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I’ve had my own toll free number with voice mail (877-353-3869, given to me free of charge by ureach.com) for fourteen months now, and I just got my first message. It was a wrong number. Not that that stopped them from inquiring about my “foreign currency program.” Perhaps my outgoing message sounds a bit too much like the bank’s that my caller was a customer of.


While we await the presidential

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While we await the presidential returns, there is cause for celebration here in Athens. The progressive Greens (well, they’re all Democrats, really) have swept the county commission. Maybe we’ll actually get a real land use plan and smart growth.


This weblog is taking the

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This weblog is taking the day off for election day. I’ve clumbsily turned the colors green to show my support for the Green Party today. I’ll return tomorrow, to a brand new world.

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