I just passed through a

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I just passed through a website that tried pushing its chat room by inserting the last few lines typed there. This isn’t such a good idea, as the following snippit shows:

You’re missing out on some hot wonderful conversation, Eric! Take a peek at the last few lines of conversation from our Chat room.

<grace> waves to everyone!
<grace> well so long losers
<rocky> anyone there?
<rocky> hello is anyone there?
<rocky> blinks in disbelief
<rocky> hello is anyone avaible?
<rocky> ………
<rocky> .
<rocky> ………..
<rocky> laughs out loud

More on games: Avalon Hill

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More on games: Avalon Hill is also re-releasing Stratego, of all things. And they’ve revamped it, making it a collectible trading game. And capable of playing with up to 8 players. Bizarre. “My miner attacks this piece.” “You lose. That was a dragon.

Avalon Hill is re-releasing Cosmic

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Avalon Hill is re-releasing Cosmic Encounter? Freaky. With ugly plastic playing pieces to boot! You can play on-line for free, thanks to the original guys behind the game.

The History Channel premeirs a

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The History Channel premeirs a new miniseries tonight: The History of Britain. (Surprisingly, the page at the other end of the link is just a brief description. You’d think that they’d have done something more fancy for such a “landmark documentary.”) The show begins at about 5000 B.C. and will move through the Elizabethan era. I’ve always been fond of BRitish history, so I’ll try to catch all three parts. Avalon Hill used to sell a game called Britannia, now out of print, that allowed 3-5 players to play the various groups that inhabited Great Britain from the coming of the Romans to the Norman Conquest (one of my favorite historical events — I’m such a history geek (no, scratch that. I’m just a geek, period) that I’ve named my sourdough starter after one of the key players in the event). It appears you can’t buy the game anymore, but there’s a handful of pages on the game out there, including this detailed summary of a play-by-mail game and this collection of computer code and playing aids. It really is a fine game. I wish I knew people who’d play it with me.