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Perhaps you are familiar with Sister Wendy and her Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting. She’s the British nun who has her own TV show where she raoms the halls of art museums, giving us a detailed survey of the history of western art. Even if you’re not, you may still appreciate BBC America’s irreverent answer, Sister Randy, the chain smoking, shave needing, art critic nun. (Requires a plugin, but the automatic download is painless.) For example, here’s what she has to say about modern art:

<A piece of modern ar hangs on the wall. It looks like colored blurs. Sister Randy walks on, sporting her usual “Flying Nun” attire.> “Art of the twentieth century raised many bold and daring questions.” <She gestures at the painting.> “Is this painting upside down, sideways, or right side up? Was this painting done by a monkey? Exactly what the hell is this painting? Was this painting done by a colorblind monkey, or is this painting done?” <She gets more and more frantic.> “Is it done? What the hell is it? Good lord in heaven, is it done? Is it too late to kill this colorblind schizophrenic monkey before he paints again?” <She’s on her knees now.> “Oh God and Jesus in heaven, please don’t let this monkey paint again!” <She takes a long, slow drag on her cigarette, and then walks off.>

If you are offended by potty humor, you really don’t want to see her lecture on impressionism.


  1. where can i download sister randy episodes? please help, i must know! any info would be appreciated. Thanks:)

    Comment by meghan — 12/17/2002 @ 8:41 am

  2. The Sister Randy animations are currently viewable at: www.sisterrandy.com.

    Comment by Sister Randy — 2/5/2004 @ 9:18 am

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