The Cassini spacecraft, on its

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The Cassini spacecraft, on its way to a 2004 meeting with Saturn, is nearing Jupiter for a slingshot boost. Here’s a wonderful color photo, the first color picture returned by the craft. Sure, just a photo of Jupiter alone is nice. But the addition of Europa and its shadow on the Jovian surface is what makes this picture especially nice.

In 1897, a rash of

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In 1897, a rash of airship sightings were reported in newspapers across Michigan and other states. These airships often had blinking colored lights and were unlike anything known at the time. This webpage has collected all the news stories it could find from the time.

“Rebecca Ransohoff, 9, watches Vice

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“Rebecca Ransohoff, 9, watches Vice President Al Gore explain how to hypnotize chickens.”

Oh! Uri Gellar was what

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Oh! Uri Gellar was what made the olympic flame stall during the Sydney opening ceremonies! That rascal!

The Cathar religion was extinguished

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The Cathar religion was extinguished by 1230 by the brutal Albigensian crusade. But that hasn’t stopped all kinds of wackos from appropriating the Cathar name.

10 years before L. Frank

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10 years before L. Frank Baum had a bestseller with The Wizard of Oz, Baum was publisher of The Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer in Aberdeen, South Dakota. It was 1890, a dangerous time to be in South Dakota, especially if you were Native American. Chief Sitting Bull was murdered. The U.S. Army killed about 300 Lakota men, women, and children at Wounded Knee Creek. And L. Frank Baum, in his editorials, called for “the total annihilation of the few remaining Indians.” I had no idea.