Congressman’s teen-aged son shoots self,

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Congressman’s teen-aged son shoots self, acne drug to blame

So I went to George

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So I went to George W. Bush’s official website to see the spin on Cheney’s comments. There were three links titled “Setting The Record Straight.” Clicking through, I was given an ugly error message: “ADODB.Field error ‘800a0bcd’ Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record. /helper/RecordSetFunctions.asp, line 35” No help there. Just for fun, I answered the daily trivia question (”Win a T-shirt!”), and got the following when I pressed the button: “No such Daily Trivia item.” So I left.

I have tickets to see

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I have tickets to see Graham Chapman’s rediscovered play tomorrow night. Oh Happy Day!

According to this article from

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According to this article from the 700 Club (not on my regular rotation — I was just checking if Pat Robertson has left the GOP over Cheney’s gay marriage remarks. He hasn’t, yet.) Jesus and I have the same blood type. I’m AB+. “The Universal Taker”, the rarest blood type. Conversely to type O, who can donate to anyone, AB people can take from anyone but can give only to fellow AB’ers. Because of that, I routinely get turned away from blood drives. “Blood shortage crisis!” the posters say. “All types needed!” they cry. But when I get there, they say “Sorry, AB’s not worth our effort.” On rare occasions, when they need blood parts that aren’t type-dependant, they’ll take it. But that’s less than 10% of the times I’ve tried to bleed for the good of my fellow man.

Jacob Weisberg at Slate was

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Jacob Weisberg at Slate was wowed by the same moment as I in last night’s Vice Presidential debates. Until last night, I didn’t have a single nice thing to say about Dick Cheney. But what he said about gay marriage floored me. He’s still not getting my vote, but I was truly impressed. I wonder what the fallout will be.

What the vice-presidential debate did was confirm the wisdom of both choices. In selecting their running mates, both candidates found what they lacked, Wizard of Oz-style. By picking Lieberman, Gore got a heart. In choosing Cheney, Bush got a brain.