From fellow Athens weblogger Chip

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From fellow Athens weblogger Chip comes a link to Minnie Minnola’s Story, an amusing recollection by the woman who inspired REM’s (Dont Go Back) to Rockville.

Here we go. The Atlanta

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Here we go. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has finally put up an in depth article on the Coffee County drug situation. The sheriff was known as “the scourge of South Georgia marijuana farmers” before all of this came to light. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to learn that law enforcement in South Georgia is primarily a family affair.

Here’s a tiny CNN article

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Here’s a tiny CNN article I found buried in yesterday’s archives about the Coffee County Sheriff who shot himself yesterday after being indicted on drug charges.

I listened to the Cardinals-Braves

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I listened to the Cardinals-Braves baseball game off the internet while at work yesterday. Though I’m in Georgia, I grew up outside St. Louis. I’ve long loved the Cardinals, almost as much as I despised the Braves. Their collective cockiness has always made me shudder. America’s team, indeed. After a weird, wild game, the Cards wound up on top. The local Athens newspaper has a great quote:In a remarkable example of Southern hospitality, the Braves made red the color of the day by giving away Game 1 of the best-of-five Division Series“.

The debate results are in,

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The debate results are in, though they’re not surprising: Bush is a doofus and Gore’s a jerk.

The inventor of Sea Monkeys

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The inventor of Sea Monkeys and X-Ray Specs (as well as 191 other things) was born Harold Nathan Braunhut in a New York Jewish family. At some point, he changed his name to the more German-sounding Harold von Braunhut, though his close friends knew him as Hendrik von Braun. He hung out with his friends (including the recently poor Richard Butler) posing in front of Nazi flags, lighting burning crosses, and writing newsletters that advocated a society where Blacks were forced to make leather sporting goods out of Jewish skin. Braunhut has lost several Sea Monkey distributors because of his activities, but the current distributors (who have managed to reignite sales) would rather not think about it. I learned all this via The Sea Monkeys and the White Supremacist — a wonderful piece in this week’s LA Times magazine. The best quote from Braunhut: Sea Monkeys will remain naked until “fish wear pants”.