Ode on a TiVO (With

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Ode on a TiVO (With apologies to Keats)


Watched TV shows are sweet, but those unknown
     Are sweeter; so, ye TiVO, record on;
Not on plastic tape, but, with 0 and 1,
     capture the shows I’d like when I am gone:
Fair youth, upon my set, thou canst not leave
     Thy post, for if I were to get a call;
          while watching, never, never willst I miss,
a winning field goal–oh, I would grieve;
     you can pause live TV–oh joy! oh bliss!,
          and instant replay! Oh, you have it all!


Ah, happy, happy days! When “nothing’s on”,
     Your suggestions shows to me that that’s not so;
You are watching, when my TV’s not on,
     For show’s I’d like. You’re smart, that’s how you know;
More happy love! more happy, happy love!
     For all season a show should be enjoy’d,
          But the networks move, or delay, and hide;
My VCR would miss. I’m now above
     Their tricks. My own network! I’m not annoyed,
          I have control. I am in charge. The pride!

That little ditty just won me a free TiVO player. I spent a bit of time on my entry, but it turns out that I needn’t have bothered. They’re giving them away to nearly everyone that enters the contest. It appears they’ve got excess inventory of older models, and rather than dump them on the market, they’re having a contest (and thus get to deduct their cost as marketing expense). The rules say they’re giving away 10 players a day, but don’t you believe it. The catch? It costs $10 a month to subscribe to the service that drives the player. It looks like it’ll be worth it, though. And if you don’t want to settle for an old 14 hour player, don’t despair. Hack it into a 50+ hour player.

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