Yesterday it was my birthday

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Yesterday it was my birthday
Hung one more year on the line
     I should be depressed
     My life’s a mess
But I’m having a good time

So true. So very true. Except for the whole “I should be depressed, my life’s a mess” bit. That’s not true at all.

The “most surprising birthday present”

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The “most surprising birthday present” award goes to CafePress — the make-your-own-shirt-mug-and-mousepad virtual store. They sent me a check for $10.75 for referals. I’ve got a store there that I use mostly for making T-shirts out of cool pictures I find on the net. I find a graphic, say “that’d be cool on a shirt!”, make the shirt, and buy it (if I’ve got the money). Friends of mine have set up their own stores, too, and used me as a referal. Thanks to their sales, I’m nearly $11 richer. Say… that’s enough for a T-shirt!

I missed this last week:

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I missed this last week: a NASA report conjectures that a space elevator is could be only 50 years away. Amazing. Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy deals with space elevators in a spectacular way. Of course, his trilogy dealt with many subjects in a spectacular way: economics, sociology, science, politics. If you haven’t read them yet, you should.

The USDA regulates the size

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The USDA regulates the size of holes in swiss cheese. The current minimum hole size is too large — high speed slicing machines have problems with the cheese, so the USDA is considering making the minimum cheese hole size smaller. They’re taking your comments through the end of the day. The article tries its best to make it sound like this isn’t just a frivolous government program, but I didn’t buy it.