I’ve been laughing — out

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I’ve been laughing — out loud — for the last couple days over the gagsta rap found over at MC Hawking’s Crib. Hawking’s Old Skool astrophysics writings were a major reason why I went into the field myself. I just have a BS degree in Astrophysics, but Hawking’s got all of them. Several times over, I’d imagine. He’s written books. He starred in a movie. Now, he’s doing gangsta rap. There’s three MP3s there, so you can check him out yourself. WARNING: It is gagsta rap, after all, so expect a ton of cussin’ and offensive lyrics.

Ah yeah, here we go again! D**n! This is some funky s**t that I be laying down on your a**. This one goes out to all my homey’s working in the field of evolutionary science. Check it!

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