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I didn’t watch Monday Night Football this week, but it appears Ironminds was pretty close to the mark when they previewed what Dennis Miller’s commentary might be like. I reached this conclusion by reading Britannica.com’s annotated Dennis Miller, a guide to Miller’s MNF cultural and historical references. This is fantastic, especially since their commentary is just as snaky as Miller’s. (Spotted at The Other Side)

On: A flurry of delay-of-game penalty flags on the Broncos, who were unable to get a play off due to the roar of the St. Louis crowd:
Miller said: “I think the reason you’re seeing so many flags is that everybody’s having to communicate in semaphore.”
The reference: Semaphore was a method of signaling with flags developed in France in 1794 by Claude Chappe and his brother Ignace in order to get messages to the war front during the revolutionaries’ battle with royalists. Despite its land-bound origins, semaphore was later used at sea, spawning the common image of a sailor on a ship deck madly waving colored flags.
What Miller might have meant: Perhaps the referees were not really penalizing Denver for delay of game, but in fact were trying to let Paris know that Condé-sur-l’Escaut had been captured from the Austrians.

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