Segregation is alive and well

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Segregation is alive and well in the University of Georgia’s fraternity/sorority system. I find it odd how the greeks are defending themselves from the charges. Things here are very clearly segregated, both in admission and geography. The press has long used the euphamism “historically black” when referring to the groups whose homes are clumped together and whose members are mostly black. The very affluent white homes align Milledge Avenue (the photo in the story is representative of most). My office is nestled among them, and I see the members every day waiting for the buses. There’s no racial mixing at all. This will certainly shake things up a bit. Good for the sorority sister who complained about this.

weblogs: a history and perspective:

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weblogs: a history and perspective: a most wonderful piece of writing by Rebecca Blood, of What’s in Rebecca’s Pocket? What’s a weblog, how’d they develop, why do we write them, why are they important — it’s all in there.