Busy day today, so I’ll

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Busy day today, so I’ll only leave you with two “better living” links lifted from other weblogs.

From the always excellent Lark Farm comes the Ecological Footprint Household Evaluation, where you can anwser a few questions and discover how many acres it takes to sustain you. You’ll see the world average and the US average (one guess as two which one is much, much higher). My own footprint was slightly higher than the US average (gasp!), but only because for the moment I live alone in a house that’s far too big for just me. Adding a housemate would drop me down to about 60% of the US average. If you prefer specifics, there’s a spreadsheet you can download. Using it, you can track yourself for a month and get a much more specific, more detailed report.

From the venerable Robot Wisdom comes the complete on-line book (including pictures) Microlivestock: Little-Known Small Animals with a Promising Economic Future. This book, available free of charge, covers everything from miniature cattle to all types of poultry to exotic rodents (or lizards, if you want to follow Wall of Voodoo’s advice about barbequed iguana). Maybe there’s a miniature dairy cow in my future…