Yesterday I did something I’d

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Yesterday I did something I’d wanted to for a long time but was too afraid to actually do. I ate wild mushrooms that I collected myself. I’d been scared away (rightly so) by years of being told you should never eat wild mushrooms unless they were collected by an expert. I’d never been formally trained, so despite my love of mushrooms, I stayed away. The last week has been both warm and wet, and my yard has exploded with mushrooms. White puffballs about the size of a marble blanket my front and back yard. Puffballs are about the easiest of the edible mushrooms to identify, and by all accounts they’re mighty tasty (not to mention mighty healthy), so I collected a handful, made sure I had a proper identification, and cooked ‘em up for dinner. I cooked them simply — dipped them in egg, rolled them in seasoned bread crumbs, and then lightly fried them in canola oil. And yes, they were very, very good. I’ll be eating more of them. Next thing to do is get some formal training so I can confidently go collecting morels and other tasty morsels that inhabit the woods by my house. For an excellent article on migrant wild mushroom hunters, visit here.

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