To conclude “make your own

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To conclude “make your own hooch” week, CNN brings us the knowledge that “Angels’ trumpet is a hallucinogenic and poisonous herb that can grow up to 5 feet tall. Possession is not illegal, but charges can be filed if it is used to create a drug or if children are endangered.” A father in Florida was charged after a babysitter accidentally gave his young sons some Angel Trumpet Kool-Aid out of the fridge and they started saying things like “see the frogs”.

Euclid’s Elements form one of

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Euclid’s Elements form one of the most beautiful and influential works of science in the history of humankind, and now it’s entirely online, complete with javascript goodies that let you dynamically change the diegrams to help you understand the concepts. Neat-o!

The New Scientist interviews Stefano

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The New Scientist interviews Stefano Padulosi, head of underutilised food crops for the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute. He travels the world, finding crops that ought to be used for food alongside the more common crops. Over 95% of the planet’s foodstuff comes from only 30 varieties of plant. Sound like putting all your eggs in one basket? I find it fun to grow uncommon plants in my own garden. Two varieties of Amaranth. Quinoa. Native corn. Domesticated lambsquarters (yum!). Unique watermelons. Heirloom tomatoes. And so on. Why grow the same old stuff you can get at the grocery? If you’re going to grow your own brocolli (for example), try to find something besides the ultra-selected Burpee’s variety. Seeds of Change is a nice place to start.