Ignore your teeth, and they’ll

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Ignore your teeth, and they’ll go away! Dental-Hygiene Tips from The Onion.

While getting to know RedCricket

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While getting to know RedCricket a little better, I found the camtoons. Very clever!


Ode on a TiVO (With

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Ode on a TiVO (With apologies to Keats)


Watched TV shows are sweet, but those unknown
     Are sweeter; so, ye TiVO, record on;
Not on plastic tape, but, with 0 and 1,
     capture the shows I’d like when I am gone:
Fair youth, upon my set, thou canst not leave
     Thy post, for if I were to get a call;
          while watching, never, never willst I miss,
a winning field goal–oh, I would grieve;
     you can pause live TV–oh joy! oh bliss!,
          and instant replay! Oh, you have it all!


Ah, happy, happy days! When “nothing’s on”,
     Your suggestions shows to me that that’s not so;
You are watching, when my TV’s not on,
     For show’s I’d like. You’re smart, that’s how you know;
More happy love! more happy, happy love!
     For all season a show should be enjoy’d,
          But the networks move, or delay, and hide;
My VCR would miss. I’m now above
     Their tricks. My own network! I’m not annoyed,
          I have control. I am in charge. The pride!

That little ditty just won me a free TiVO player. I spent a bit of time on my entry, but it turns out that I needn’t have bothered. They’re giving them away to nearly everyone that enters the contest. It appears they’ve got excess inventory of older models, and rather than dump them on the market, they’re having a contest (and thus get to deduct their cost as marketing expense). The rules say they’re giving away 10 players a day, but don’t you believe it. The catch? It costs $10 a month to subscribe to the service that drives the player. It looks like it’ll be worth it, though. And if you don’t want to settle for an old 14 hour player, don’t despair. Hack it into a 50+ hour player.

What I didn’t learn while

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What I didn’t learn while obtaining my degree in astrophysics: Phaeton the Lost PlanetAn Astronomer’s Account of the Missing Planet Between Mars and Jupiter as Interpreted from Observations Made Within a Biblical Context

If you like the Food

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If you like the Food Network’s wonderful show Good Eats, then you’ll love the Good Eats with Alton Brown Fan Page, which includes full transcripts of the shows. Thanks, Steve, for the link!

My dad (hi, dad!) makes

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My dad (hi, dad!) makes the best cheesecakes. All kinds! I don’t recall when or how he got started, but one day he was the cheesecake expert and was making them for all occasions and selling them to neighborhood people who wanted the best. I watched, and he taught, and now I can make cheesecakes that are almost the best. CNN’s food section has a nice page up on home cheesecake making, along with three nice looking recipes.

Another site from our local

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Another site from our local Egiptian friends. The archives make for fun browsing.

More news from/on the local

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More news from/on the local wacky “fraternal organization“: Nuwaubians make D.C. History. I especially like the statements that George Washington was a “freemason of the Ancient Egiptian Order” and that in Greek mythology, the deity of fire was Thor. Methinks the author could use a little education.

Say what you want about

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Say what you want about Ted Turner, he spends at least some of his money admirably. He buys huge tracts of land and then “gets out of nature’s way.” I did some work on Ted’s recent New Mexico aquisition, several hundered thousand acres along the Rio Grande south of Socorro and north of the Elephant Butte reservior, a few years back. I was surveying for a power line to serve a new visitor’s center for an old Army fort that sat on land surrounded by Turner’s ranch. The power line was several miles long, some overhead lines hidden from view by a ridge and the rest underground. The ranch had a sizable herd of bison, who liked to stare at me while I did my survey work, not quite sure of what they thought of me there among them.

I’ve been slowly looking over

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I’ve been slowly looking over the other Behind the Curtain galleries. My favorite thus far isRedCricket’s.


Nike is letting you create

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Nike is letting you create your own commercials using shockwave on their website. Here’s mine. Go ahead… be subversive. You know you want to.

Internet Killed the Video Star:

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Internet Killed the Video Star: a well-done shockwave remake of the 80’s anthem of a new music medium.

CNN has a nice online

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CNN has a nice online section on urban sprawl and New Urbanism, using (naturally) Atlanta as an example of how bad sprawl can get. It’s made up of several pages, but this one featuring Jim Kunstler, the New Urbanism advocate I saw speak a couple weeks ago, is a good place to start.

Interactive webcam! This fellow has

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Interactive webcam! This fellow has a 486 computer sitting near his desk. He’s got a quick-refresh webcam pointing at him. You type text in his webform, and his 486 talks to him. Pretty silly. I like silly.


New Mexico, my former home,

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New Mexico, my former home, with its puny five electoral votes, is this year a key battleground state. The story says that Bush and Gore are running neck and neck there, too. I’m surprised. Most New Mexicans I met would go out of their way to put down a Texan. Local legend has it that at the outbreak of the Civil War, the New Mexico territory waffled on the issue of leaving the Union. When Texas joined the Confederacy, the issue was decided. New Mexico would stay Union and fight Texas. Texas has officially invaded New Mexico on three occasions. When the official border surveys were drawn up, the survey team (Texans, supposedly) made a mistake, resulting in the state line being set a mile or so to far west (look closely at a map showing the common border with Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Notice that the western edge of Oklahoma and Texas don’t quite line up north/south. They were supposed to.). When I was moving away, there was a move afoot to petition the Federal Government to redraw the border as it should have been. It turns out that there are lucrative natural gas deposits right under the border, and the additional mile or so would mke a big difference on revenues. Also, there was a half-hearted movement in Texas to give the area around and including El Paso to New Mexico, as Texas was finding the area difficult to manage from far-away Austin. New Mexico’s reaction was “Ugh! No, thank you!” I think most people don’t realize just how different the entire Chihuahuan desert region is from the rest of the country. In El Paso once, at a McDonald’s downtown on the plaza, I had to order using the illiterate’s picture menu, because I couldn’t communicate with the counter staff. “Big Mac Value Meal” just wasn’t coming across, so we used the pictures to figure out what I wanted.

Mr. dead @ 32 can

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Mr. dead @ 32 can now die a happy man. He’s turned 32 this month, and he has had a stong feeling that he would die at the age of 32. I can only imagine the emotions he must be experiencing this month. I’ve had premonitions of his sort, but not as strong, and not with a date attached. Here’s hoping that his premonitions were figurative: having achieved his goal, attaining “Sal”, he has begun a new life. I like this idea… he won over Sal on his Birthday. He was dead when he hit 32, and now he’s alive. Mr. Dead @ 32, welcome to the land of the living!


MisterPants has found another gem:

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MisterPants has found another gem: Milko Musik Maskin. This site is a Finnish pro-milk campaign where you can (if you have shockwave) compose a song with lyrics and music effects, create the music video, and have it all performed by a signing, dancing cow. Fantastic! Choose from Hårdrock, hip-hop, and disco. Moo. Moo moo moo!

A new (to the world)

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A new (to the world) play by the late Monty Python member Graham Chapman opened last weekend at a small Atlanta theater, Dad’s Garage. Michael Palin and John Cleese served as advisors for the show. I must go see this.

A landowner outside town wants

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A landowner outside town wants to recreate a European village on a large tract of farmland. He’s gotten all the correct government approval, has a wonderful set of plans drawn up, but, despite successful similar developments elsewhere, he’s having trouble finding a developer to actually build the place. I got to see the land during the Tour de Sprawl a few weeks ago, and I would love to live there. It looks like it’ll be priced outside my range, though.

While most of the surrounding

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While most of the surrounding area burned, Athens was spared from destruction during the Civil War. Two markers describe the battle that defended the town.

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