My new favorite scientific term:

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My new favorite scientific term: Rings of Repugnance. These are the tall rings of grass that circle cow patties in the pasture. Cows won’t eat that close to their dung, so the grass grows taller. There is a variety of fungus (”Coprophilous” — “dung loving”) that lives in dung piles. To thrive, spores from these fungii must get eaten by an animal in order to get redeposited in a fresh dung pile. But, due to the Ring of Repugnance, they have a hard time finding a way in the animal. The solution? The spores have developed little propulsion systems that launch them outside the Ring of Repugnance. For more information, see Be It Ever So Humble, There’s No Place Like Dung from the Carolina Biological Supply Company. Incidentally, most “magic mushrooms” are coprophilous. You might want to wash them before you snack.

My kitten and I have

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My kitten and I have a lion / lion-tamer relationship. Only in reverse. When I yawn, she sticks her head in my mouth. I don’t think I need to say how disconcerting that is.