I’ve joined the team over

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I’ve joined the team over at eat, link and be merry. It’s a weblog all about food. And as regulars around here know, I’m all about that.

I don’t have a good

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I don’t have a good knife in my kitchen. As much cooking as I do, as often as I use knives, it’s a shame I haven’t bought myself a decent knife. By all accounts, this is the knife for me. And, as far as really good knives go, it’s mighty cheap.

If you live near Kent,

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If you live near Kent, Washington, please support the Whistling Train Farm. It makes me very happy to find places like this. I wish there were one near Athens. I wish I could start one near Athens.

“Don’t make Heaven mad, boy,

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“Don’t make Heaven mad, boy, don’t make Heaven mad!” So begins Don’t Make Heaven Mad, one of many songs written by John Lennon and channeled through Linda J. Polley. Frankly, I think it’s some of his weaker material, but maybe it’s just the way Mrs Polley sings. Oh yes, there’s wav files.

“You can eat if you

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You can eat if you want to; that’s your prerogative… I used to play that game… I know what it’s like… But I’m just not interested in it any more…Breatharianism: the secret you’ve been looking for.

A temple at least 1000

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A temple at least 1000 years old has been found beneath the waters of Lake Titicaca, the favorite proper noun of seventh grade boys everywhere.