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New dad Mike Gunderloy at Larkfarm pointed to UFO netzine Saucer Smear. Lo and behold, the current feature story is new developments in the famed Socorro, New Mexico UFO landing. Physics professor emeritus Charles Moore, the man behind the Project Mogul balloon flights that almost certainly led to the Roswell hulabaloo, suggests that the Socorro sighting may have been a lunar lander flight test that went off course from the White Sands Missile Range, south of Socorro. Regular readers of Kestrel’s Nest know that I went to school in Socorro, and ended up staying in town for eight years. I’ve met Lonnie Zamora and have seen the area where the sighting occured. For much of the time I was in school, psychology professor Dr. Frank Etscorn, inventer of the nicotine patch and all around really smart guy, was dean of the school. He was fond of telling the story behind the sighting. I don’t recall all the details, but his story involved a couple of students (Tech students are notorious pranksters), back projection, and making “eep eep” noises while wearing strange coveralls. He giggled when telling how these students managed to fool not just Officer Zamora but also a horde of UFO experts.

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