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The local cult is getting restless. The Ancient Egiptian Order (I’ve written about them before) wants to settle down here in Athens, and they’ve launched an all-out public relations campaign to get accepted. The campaign consists mainly of glossy 11×17 fourpage tracts. I really wish I could share them with you, as they are priceless. They alternate nice soothing language (”We are hoping for a warm welcoming as we stand with our arms open with brotherly love and peace.“) with angry rebuttals (”Again slander and defamation of character is illegal and and prejudice also morally wrong. You don’t take a long term lease on a property on Earth like Rev. York if you intend to fly away in a flying saucer. This statement is derogatory and insulting.” and nonsense jibber jabber (”Well, the fact of the matter is Jesus was never called a Christian during his life here on Earth. The word Christian was first used in Syria’s Antioch. Acts 11:26 So we as Egiptians or Ethiopians by descendancy respect the term “Christians” but prefer the term Nuwaupians or Egiptians.“) Clearly, they did not utilize a public relations expert when putting these things together. The tracts are beautifully illustrated, a hallmark of, um, Egiptian literature. The best line out the the four pages is the last: We have only one Website listed above, all others are kooks.

Curious why they spell Egypt the way they do, I went to their website, which has a helpful FAQ:

Question: Why we use an “I” in the word “egipt/ejipt” and “egiptian” instead of a “y”?

Answer: The letter “I” is the ninth letter of the English alphabet, and being most of your languages is being taught to you through this language, the ancient ones also put a protection over you. We call it “nine eye”, or the “a’iyn principle,” as the ninth letter is “I” for the first person singular, you, the ego. To distinguish our order from others who may use the standard spelling with a “y” we replaced it with the “i”.

And that cleared things right up for me.


  1. I have run into a few of these AEO type and they are very decieving. I think more information like your web site should be put out before this group gets out of hand like the Heavens Gates group. Thanks for the info.

    Comment by Anonymous — 8/22/2002 @ 2:41 am

  2. Jesus Christ is giving Athens a chance for salvation through The Nuwaubians.Not everything you hear from them is to be taken literal.Certain things are said just to draw attention and awaken people.All in all the Nuwaubians are “god fearing people” if you know what I mean.Give them a chance or should I say give yourselves a chance!

    Comment by Titus Antoine — 12/17/2002 @ 9:32 am

  3. Jesus Christ is giving Athens a chance for salvation through The Nuwaubians.Not everything you hear from them is to be taken literal.Certain things are said just to draw attention and awaken people.All in all the Nuwaubians are “god fearing people” if you know what I mean.Give them a chance or should I say give yourselves a chance!

    Comment by Anonymous — 12/17/2002 @ 9:33 am

  4. i have been reading Dr.York’s work for 6-7 years now. one thing he’s always said is “don’t believe me, check it out for yourself”. i did just that. i took the time to do the required research. i went to the libaray. i searched the scriptures. i studied the maps and charts. i read other authors opinions and views. guess what? i find no fault in what the man said or taught. according to scientist, archelogoist, and historians, etc dr. york’s teachings were right and exact. the sad part is that they are not even aware that they confirm dr. york’s teachings with every discovery that they make public!! the problem is the fact that not everyone wants to accept the truth for what it is. futhermore, no one wants to accept facts from a black man. as far as dr. york’s tral is concerned, i really don’t know what to make of it. i know we can’t believe the media and it’s biased portral of a person. i was never apart of the organization. i only dealt with the information. i wasn’t there so i can’t make a call on that one. all i know is what the media has put out there, and the media is known to lie. Remember the Roswell incident of 1947? for those of you who simply wish to discredit dr. york because of what you have been told through the media, i say…. go ahead and do your job. the information and facts that dr. york presented were not meant for you anyway. just like jesus of 2,000 years ago was only sent to a “certain” group of people, so was dr. yorks teachings only meant for a select group of people.
    also if you never read his work or researched anything he had to say, how would any of you know wehter he was wrong or right? i will continue to do my own research and draw my own conclusions. one thing i’ve learned form dr. york over the years is that a man must always think for himself. that in itself is a gift for the creator and must be used wisely. Peace!!!!

    Comment by Zoel — 2/28/2003 @ 1:51 am

  5. The information which Dr. Malachi Z.York has put out to the world has never ever been put out before. He, Dr. York even said, “has the most high ever poured out many facts before.” When Jimmy Swaggart fell from grace, his congregation stood behind him. They didn’t let the media and the politicians dictate what should be done to their leader. My point being, Dr. York is being judged by the media’s outlook, but what about the facts?

    Comment by Phillip — 12/7/2003 @ 9:28 am

  6. If you have a ear than hear what Dr.York have to say if it’s not for you than move on.Many are called few are choosing…..Dr York may the Most High protect you.Hold on because help is on it’s way.To those who want a preacher than he’s not the one.I know that he is here for those that can see and hear what the masses can’t see or hear.This God is showing other Gods to rise up to your responsiblity (Pslam 82).Dr york you did your JOB now it time for the rest of us to rise to the occasion.Peace to those that’s keeping it live and Peace to Dr.York(Lord and Savior).Hold it Down like ya Gods being doing it. Help is coming .

    Comment by Michael Parrish — 12/25/2003 @ 9:50 am

  7. Greetings,
    THe funny thing about US the U.S. is that we have become so brainwashed that we cant even take time into studying anything that we slander. THe auther of the website did not over stand why the I in egipt, however, if he or she really wanted to know all she had to do is overstand the essence of the order which is an order of child of 9 ether decendecy. Again before you begin to slander this man, get near this man. Read his works, over stand his truths, and then you will know that he is only the messenger of the message of salvation for the planet. May all eyes open and see, May all ears open and Hear, and may all mouths close and Learn. Fare well Give Care, and Free Maku.

    Comment by EarthsCHild — 12/30/2003 @ 9:37 am

  8. Greetings,
    I would just like to say that the Nuwaupians are not a cult. I’ve been a member of the England branch of the organisation for 10 years now and NEVER has there been any plans to go of in the middle of the country somewhere and commit mass suicide. I have visted the land and met with Dr Malachi York on several occasions, and I would like to say he is very much a “God Fearing” man, As well as a very down to earth and humble person who is very approachable. We nuwaupians are law abiding and tax paying citizens, not just in America, but all over the world (i’m writing this from London in England. If people simply took the time and research the facts that Malachi has put out you would see that the truth within the pages of each and every book will confirm thenselves. All I would say people is don’t just belive everything you hear in the meadia (the meadia is about a good story not neccesarialy the truth. Check out Malachi’s stuff for yourself and come to your own conclusion….

    Comment by Dennis Brown — 4/28/2004 @ 12:58 pm

  9. Yeap “All Eyes Shall Behold The Him”

    Comment by Yonah — 6/23/2004 @ 5:30 am

  10. This is nice. You seemed set on attacking Nuwaupians, but anyone who comes to this page sees more positive information than negative. I think that is lovely. As was written here many times, research is key. Don’t accept anything in life at face value. York has taught that through everything. When one truly overstands something, they cannot discount it. Don’t believe me, try it for yourself. York is a great man and Nuwaupu is a great thing for those who are able to embrace it.

    Comment by Neferra Ranub Re — 8/25/2004 @ 10:33 am

  11. Dr. Malachi Z. york could be a fallen annunaki. When i check
    background of Annunaki.I got fallen angel.After doing re-
    search on internet.I found out the annunaki created the
    reptilian from one source.contact me at larrybarnes05@yahoo.com

    Comment by LARRY BARNES — 5/28/2005 @ 5:16 pm

  12. It is ironic how the number 11 is and shall ever be. York is a good man with some crazy ass knowledge. The sad thing is the nigga is saying he is from another god-damn planet. If he had stuck with the knowledge,wisdom and understanding shit would of worked out differntly. The bastards that were out to get a black man weilding power was to much to handle. They had to shut the mutherfucker down. A blackman from upstate in the South showing YT money and how things should be. Please, he should of known that he is still number one fro being got. They got the nigga but he will get off if he uses that allseeing-eye-shit. All I can say is there is 11 ways, 11 days, 11 trays and 11 mays. Choose one. 666 is the beast but 111 is full of shit and we all shall know th truth son. The 85%, the 15% and the 5% we are next in line. Shalom niggas! Comment by God 11

    Comment by Sonof11 — 6/27/2005 @ 1:41 pm

  13. baba has changed the way of life of nuwaubians several times. this only leads me to accept the ultimate reality that we are ALL. we are the ones he is talking to and about. why is he talking to us? the seriousness of his words and message is clear. the world, as we know it, is coming to end and will always replenish and reform itself internally. so many times we sit back and watch our prophets, messengers and good people suffer. the ones who watch with compassion and do or say nothing are just as guilty as the offenders. the ones who see the truth, yet act in opposition are demons. i advise you to stay away from demons. we all have titles both spiritually and on this plane. whether it’s doctor, lawyer or god, angel; you might reach another plane of thought. be ready to answer to your maker. that’s it.

    Comment by sha'iyn — 6/12/2007 @ 12:15 pm

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