To celebrate 10 years on

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To celebrate 10 years on the BRitish airwaves, the cast of The Simpsons will be reading scripts live next week. Edinburgh on Friday and London the following Monday and Tuesday. It’d be fantastic to see, but odds are slim that I’ll be there. Man, do I need me a sugar daddy.

A gentleman came by my

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A gentleman came by my office today to tell me how much he enjoyed the play. He took the time to look me up, figure out where I worked, and thank me in person. I’m flabbergasted.

The horoscopes that I linked

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The horoscopes that I linked to last week, Free Will Astrology, is now being carried by Salon. I’m not a horoscope kind of guy, but I really enjoy reading Rob Brezsny’s writings.

Astronomers and others the world

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Astronomers and others the world over are have been excited over the announcement of a planet found around Epsilon Eridani, a star close enough to us that the planet itself might be visible with the Hubbell telescope. The news is hardly suprising, however, since Epsilon Eridani is the home of a Starship Tour Operator and has eleven well-documented planets. The system even has a president, a Mr. Pierre Benton. This isn’t the first time that the star system has been in the news. Two years ago, a team in Hawaii announced they had imaged a dust ring and possible planets around the star. If you’d like to see the star for yourself (it’s a bright star, easily seen with the naked eye), use this picture to help you find it. Epsilon Eridani is the star labelled in the top center.