Science Made Stupid is an

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Science Made Stupid is an on-line text of natural history, from the universe to the descent of man. It’s a rather funny read. If you don;t care much for reading, you can just skip straight to the tables and charts at the end.

$370 will get you a

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$370 will get you a kit to retrofit your old pedal powered bicycle into one of those newfangled electric bikes. Just the thing if you bike to work every day and have that big pesky hill in the way.

The Lester S. Levy Sheet

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The Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection is a marvelous resource. It contains over 29,000 pieces of music focusing on popular American music from 1780 to 1960. Those works in the public domain are served up in their entirety, and the collection is completely searchable.

You might think that since

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You might think that since the earth didn’t get destroyed during the great planetary alignment of May 5th, Richard Noone and the other 5/5/2000 people would go away. But then you’d be wrong.

This page is as it was before 5-5-2000. Looks like most earth change activity has not affected high population areas and we are all greatful. The pacific ring of fire has been active with earth quakes and volcanoes. June 4, 2000 7.9 quake hits Indonesia with many 5 and 6 after shocks. Another 6.1 hits Turkey 6/6/00. The earth changes cake is not completely baked. Stay tuned. Many of you ask we keep this page up for a while for research purposes. The book 5/5/2000 Ice: The Ultimate Disaster is now a classic and is still valid as scientists have seen the planetary alignment as a trigger point for continuing geological and weather disruptions. It is not over yet and we suggest you continue with your emergency preparations. Thanks for your continued support.