After the civil war, southern

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After the civil war, southern families, numbering in the thousands, left the United States to start a new life in Brazil. I had no idea. Two years ago, decendants of these “Confederados” returned to see what their ancestors had left behind. Thanks to Chip for the links from our local paper’s archives.

The opening weekend of the

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The opening weekend of the show was as good as I culd have ever hoped t could be. Standing room only Friday and Saturday. A larger than usual crowd for Sunday matinee. Rave reviews from the attendees. A spotless set of performances from the cast & crew (well, the matinee was a bit rough, but it was a matinee, and that’s just what happens). Rumor has it (I could not confirm) that Kim Basinger was in the audience on Friday. It’s not out of the question, as she is an Athens-area native. If she liked the show, I’d be happy to direct her next project.