I’m going to order one

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I’m going to order one of those mind-erasing kits. You see, if I erase my mind and forget how sleepy I am, I’ll stay awake forever!

I’ve been averaging four hours sleep a night over the last, oh, week or so. On the plus side, for the first time in a while, I’ve shared my bed the last two nights. Even if it’s just for a few hours, cuddling always makes me sleep better. The object of my affections? A bundle of fur named Sheridan. He’s a young stray that started hanging out at the theater (oddly enough) right after I wrote about it being almost time for a kitty. As cat lovers know, cats choose their owners and not the other way around, and the cat god decided the time was now, not two weeks from now. He’s pure black — every last hair. He’s very affectionate. He took to the litter box without trouble. He was mighty hungry and loves fish. He sleeps on my chest with his paws on my chin. My lease forbids animals, but my landlords told me when I moved in that I could have a cat (or dog, for that matter) if I asked them. “Have to keep out the riff raff, you know.”

So this is my idea. I’m thinking about ordering one of those mind-erasing kits.

Some of you may know

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Some of you may know of Mike Shawaluk’s labor of love, the Space Ghost Coast to Coast Episode Guide. It has, among other things, complete transcripts of every episode. And now it’s completely searchable, meaning you can easily find where they’ve discussed cheese. Or monkeys. Or organ grinder monkeys on cheese twists.

Suppose President Bush had written

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Suppose President Bush had written a letter to his son suggesting that while Dick Cheney would make a fine Vice President, how about running with dear old dad instead. Michael Kelly of the Washington Post has not only supposed the existance of such a letter, he went ahead and wrote the whole thing. It’s a very funny read.

Freefill: Drink Different™ The freefill

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Freefill: Drink Different™ The freefill concept will ultimately change how we think about ourselves, and the world. Until that time, freefills will be used by a select number of citizens when demanding more than one cup of their beverage of choice.

Mmmm, this is some good

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Mmmm, this is some good coffee! I thought we were out of coffee.
     “I found some more. It’s in the orange container.”
(does spit take) You fool! (collapses) That’s decaf!