In a bold move sure

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In a bold move sure to bring the search engines a-calling, I give to you pictures of girls in bikinis having fun. The Kestrel’s Nest twist is that these are 2000 year old Roman mosaics. They look amazingly modern! These are part of Project Perseus; I’ve only just begun exploring.

Yesterday was primary elections in

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Yesterday was primary elections in Georgia, and across the state, incumbents got thrown out. The most significant was right here in Athens, where the senior state senator, Paul Broun, got defeated by Doug Haines. Even CNN ran a story about it. The media is theorizing that Haines won because of education issues, but the real reason seems to be the strength of Haines’ grass-roots style campaigning. He was everywhere. He rode his bike around town with a group of supporters regularly. His big focus was environmental issues — anti-sprawl talk is what gave him the most attention. Athens is teetering on the edge of the slope that leads to a town of strip malls. The good side is currently winning more than it’s losing, but it’s still a tough fight. Haines (assuming he wins the regular election) will be a great asset. If you want to read more, here’s our local paper’s take on the primary.