It’s always a good day

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miracle of water and sunshineIt’s always a good day when you can measure the tomato harvest by the gallon. I took this picture on Sunday evening, and I’ve already eaten most of them, which is good since there’s another gallon waiting to be picked. I started picking on the big end of the garden, so you can’t see all the yummy amish and yellow and roma fruits hiding under the little balls of sweetness. I eat the cherry tomatoes like candy and use the big ones on sandwiches and eggs and things. The romas I’ve been peeling and freezing. I will not be in short supply of tomato sauce this winter.

One of the most beautiful

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One of the most beautiful pieces of land I’ve seen is soon to be a public trust. The Baca Ranch, nestled snug in the Valles caldera in the heart of the Jemez mountains, is one of the most pristine areas still in private hands. At $101 million, I think it’s a steal.