There’s a most excellent photo

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There’s a most excellent photo essay over at Tomato Nation titled And Then There Were Two — the story of life with Sarah’s two cats.

The spheres’re in commotion The

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The spheres’re in commotion
The elements in harmony
She blinded me with science
And hit me with technology

I’ve just had my first

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I’ve just had my first winning bid at ebay. I can now play croquet indoors when it rains. Once I get a dining room table, anyway.

I planted 24 tomato plants

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I planted 24 tomato plants this year. I live alone. Any reasonable gardener will tell you that one person needs, at most, three plants. Probably fewer. Whatever. I like varieties of tomatoes, and so I’ve got four each of cherry, roma, big yellow, and an Amish heirloom. Those Amish know how to breed a tomato, too. But the cherries. Oh, the cherries. I planted a variety called “Sweet 1000s”. I’d assumed that the name was a marketing ploy, but it actually describes the nature and number of tomatoes produced. I’m glad I didn’t buy the “Sweet Millions”! On any average day, I’ve got at least a couple dozen fruit ripe and ready for eating. Half of those I’ll eat right off the vine, warm with sunshine. The other half I’ll bring inside to eat later. Lunches lately have been basmanti rice and cherry tomatoes, and it’s been heavenly. Sweet cherry tomatoes can fool you though. You have to be careful not to eat too many, else the tomato acid eat away at your stomach. Unless you’re my friend Kim, and then you’d wash a couple pints of fruit down with a few cans of Mountain Dew. The harvest has been so vast, and the fruit so tasty, that the horned worms have come to eat. And eat they have. They can strip a plant down faster than me with a set of shears. Out in New Mexico, the horned worms didn’t bother me. Here, I’ve got to be vigilant. Still, even after seeing damaged plants, it feels so nice to be out in the garden, tending to my crops. Here’s an article that explains why.

Have you seen the new

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Have you seen the new ad campaign for discovery.com? When I saw the spots on TV,I laughed for hours. Maybe days. I wrote the discovery webmaster and begged for them to put the spots online so I could link to them here. He promised me they would be digitized soon, and I’d be the first to know. Well, AdCritic beat them to it. Three spots plus outtakes, all in Quicktime format. Worth the download time, even if you’re connecting via 14.4 modem!