Athens has plenty of oddities,

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Athens has plenty of oddities, and that’s one reason why I like it so much. An example: one of the music scene’s hottest commodities is The 8-Track Gorilla. The news story at the other end of the link goes into detail, but the short of it is he’s a gorilla with a portable 8-Track player hanging around his neck. He plays 8-Tracks and sings along. A simple concept, but the execution is sheer genious. Next, enter the Gorilla’s nemisis… the Athens Spy Cars. Again, the news story at the other end explains it all (yesterday’s Athens Banner-Herald was a good one), but the short of it is there’s a fleet of art cars around town that are painted primarily red, blue, and yellow (that pun’s for you, Al), and have many gadgets mounted on them. If you’re in town, you can’t miss ‘em.

A rails-to-trails project may finally

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A rails-to-trails project may finally be coming to Athens, though not without a fight. I’ve mentioned Rails to Trails here before — they’re my favorite organization — so you know what side of the fight I’m on. It all comes down to money, of course.

I bought a croquet set

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I bought a croquet set today. The only thing a big yard needs as much as a wonderful garden is a croquet course. I had a heck of a time finding a quality set, too. I had to settle for the Wilson set from Walmart ($38, pretty decent quality), and that was after an hour of shopping store to store. People just don’t seem to have any respect for what is certainly the best outdoor game there is. Once upon a time, before trendy teens started wearing Abercrombie & Fitch clothes to show how trendy they were, snobby croquet players went to Abercrombie & Fitch to purchase the best in croquet equipment. Oh… after a quick browse, I see there’s plenty of places to get quality (by “quality” I mean “Mighy expensive”) croquet sets. Sporting Classics is one such merchant, who also sells a line of “Sherlockiana” for you Sherlockians out there. Funny… Walmart wasn’t mentioned anywhere. As I left the place, the lady who was checking my receipt to make sure I wasn’t stealing the set, who was about 140 and very nice, said “It’s too hot to be playing croquet!” That’s where she’s wrong. It’s too hot to be playing soccer or basketball or even horseshoes, but it’s never too hot to play croquet. Not when you’ve got lemonade.

Some time ago, Ilinked to

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Some time ago, Ilinked to Senator Kelly’s campaign Web site. He’s running on an anti-mutant platform. It appears that it’s been hacked by the Mutant Underground to celebrate the Fouth of July. Keep in mind that this is all sly advertising for the X-Men movie. Thanks to Kevin Murphy for spotting the “hack”.